A gaming center
A gaming center
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It’s 2021 and there are millions of apps out there and a number of them are competing with you for the same user’s attention and engagement. This is coupled with the fact that users on their own don’t have much longsuffering to retain an app if it is not solving their need or motivating them to do likewise. These days, most spaces/industries are congested with several options to choose from, leaving the users with the autonomy to make a choice.

Gamification is the use of game-design elements and principles like streak, points, leaderboard, etc, to reward users’ behavior in a…

Being able to tell what’s working from what is not is crucial in defining the success of a product. This enables product leaders to prioritize plans and initiatives properly. Making a decision on what your success metrics will be is as important as the product discovery phase as there are a lot of metrics to track and not clearly defining your success metrics can be misinforming.

Metrics are grading or evaluation systems used to measure the level of success or failure of a product/feature. They vary from those that impact the business directly to the ones that impact customers and…

Product discovery is the process of figuring out what needs to be built. It validates your vision and answers important questions like:

- Is this problem worth solving

- Will our solution work

- Will people pay for it.

As defined by Mixpanel, product discovery is a method of deeply understanding your customers to develop products that perfectly suit their needs.

It is a critical stage in the product design process because If companies do not accurately prove or disprove their assumptions about their customers, they may waste time building products that nobody needs.

Product discovery involves validating an idea…

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It is hard to fathom now, but there was a time when adopting a new software could take months, quarters, or even years. These days, a communication executive who uses Notion for personal projects can easily introduce her boss to it and convince the whole company to adopt it. We’ve seen product adoption go from months (or longer) to days and hours based on an individual’s initiative. This exact model where the product does the main work of convincing a user to find value, keep using, and refer the product to others is called PRODUCT-LED GROWTH.

Product-led growth is a…

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This is a question that often arises in the product world and it requires our time to unpack it. Though these roles are somewhat similar and they work towards achieving the same set of goals, we then ought to look at the clear line distinction in the line of duty of the individuals and performance metric used to evaluate the success achieved by each role to help us understand them better and also help you figure out the one that better describes your current position on a product team.

These roles vary from company to company as in the case…

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A Satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement. ― G.S. Alag

Delighter is defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary as something that gives a high degree of gratification or pleasure.

In product terms, delighters are features that make up your brand value proposition and create a competitive advantage. They are features that are not exactly part of the product planning process but added in the long run, mostly after the product has been shipped, solely to increase customer satisfaction and retention.

The concept of delighter was introduced by a Japanese Professor, Noriaki Kano in his popular product strategy framework…

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Software development over the past few years have witnessed a tremendous improvement with the arrival of new technologies, which are solely tailored for a smooth developer and user experience. Developers now have a wide range of technologies to choose from to get the job done (Without neglecting the building blocks of these new technologies).

Manual deployments via File Transfer Protocols and other methods were the norm in website and app deployment, upon the inception of Github pages, Netlify and Heroku which made deployment a lot easier and faster at no cost. ZEIT / NOW like these other cloud computing solutions…

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